Moirai Authoring Platform Study

I cordially invite Ontario Tech University faculty members and graduate students from Computer Science and Health Sciences to participate in the usability study of the Moirai Authoring Platform, a no-code authoring platform designed to build conversation-based serious games. As a participant, you will use Moirai to create, modify and playtest a serious game. The study will be conducted remotely via the Google Meet platform using standard computer equipment (e.g., web browser, mouse, keyboard).

The study is comprised of two sessions:

  1. The first session is a workshop with multiple participants, whereby I will briefly explain how to use the Moirai Authoring Platform and then present you with a series of tasks to complete. Afterward, you will complete a short usability questionnaire. This session will take approximately 60 minutes to finish.
  2. The second session will be a focus group, whereby we will discuss your experience using the Moirai Authoring Platform following a structured interview format. This session will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary, with no monetary compensation. At any time during the sessions, you may decline to answer a question and withdraw from the study without any explanation or fear of repercussion. You may also withdraw from the study at any time within seven days of completing the second session. If you do choose to withdraw from the study, your data will be deleted and not considered further. Your data will not be analyzed or viewed until seven days after the last participant has completed the second session. Your data will be anonymized. Only I and Dr. Kapralos will have access to the data upon completion of this study. Every effort will be made on behalf of the facilitators to avoid any invasion of your privacy.

To enroll in the first session, please use the following link to book the date and time that best suits you:

Information regarding the second session will be provided later for participants that complete the first session.

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a participant or have any concerns about this study, please contact the Research Ethics Office at REB# 16345 approved on 2021/03/25.

Best regards,

Andrei Torres
PhD Candidate in Computer Science